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the client: Mynka Draper {Costume Designer}
scope: logotype with icon + website
inspiration: safety pins + stars
from the client: teal + white, clean + simple
website :


the client: Colorado Forest Restoration Institute | CFRI
scope: logo, business card + brochure
palate: warm, earthy tones
inspiration: the Colorado landscape, fire, the forest
from the client: looking for a look that will be cohesive with Colorado State University | CSU, but identifies them as their own department


the client: Zeste | business & branding consulting
scope: logo, business card + website
palate: muted greys with a pop of meyer lemon
from the client: "a little bit of zeste elevates every creation" 


the client: Guinevere Letterpress
product: line of letterpress + painted stationery
scope: development of brand name + icon
inspiration: old world meets new world, ink + paper
from the client: passion for art, printmaking and beautiful things