Hi, I’m Jennifer Smith. Born and raised in California, I grew up camping, swimming and constantly making. Feeling most at home outside, I ran around picking apples, petting lizards and taking in the smell of dry brush and pine. Nature was freedom.  My childhood love of foraging has become a lifelong journey of collecting new skills, the analogue to the digital and back again, with a studio filled with cloth, wire and wood.

After a decade of working in corporate design and branding and running a letterpress studio, I wanted to return to my roots as a maker. Today I find inspiration in the smell of sage and lemon verbena, the balance of color in nature, and the simple act of sitting in my garden in the morning before the roar of two young boys begin. I love learning about new materials and using them to create. Whether I’m experimenting with natural dyes on fabrics, stitching on canvas, or making ink out of avocado stones, I want to create using natural materials and finding alternatives to the more harmful mediums of the past.

I want people to feel the raw, simple intimacy in my work and an authentic connection to a thoughtfully crafted experience.